Introducing… OUR BLOG!

You may be asking, why are you living in a van? The simple answer is, it has everything! A van provides many essential commodities; transportation, a roof, a heater, plus much more. What it doesn’t provide is gained by interacting with the communities we explore, being outdoors, and learning new ways to live life.

The best part about living in the van is it is on wheels! We are able to travel as far and wide as the land or ferries can take us! (FYI, we are not planning to travel out of the North American continent yet). But the point is, we have flexibility! It is glorious.

What we do miss is spending time with our families and friends. Being able to share our experience is important and we hope this blog can give you all a glimpse into our everyday, our conversations, our personalities, and we hope to make friends and gain knowledge from the readers along the way.

Why van under the sun? Many reasons but most literally, the van has to be under the sun daily to produce the electricity we need for lights, a fan, charging, etc.

But also, our passion is sustainable energy. Eventually, we want to be able to own a solar business that helps individuals find the right product for them. At the same time, we hope to disrupt the ownership of solar and green energy by larger corporations.

Mind you, we are in stage .01, we have a lot of work to do! Ian has installed solar panels for the past couple of years and I have only learned about the industry through him, talking to community members, and online research. We hope this blog can share information about the green industry while opening doors to learning more about it.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments. We would love to hear from you all!

Liz & Ian


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