Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns // Finally made it out of Texas!

The day had finally arrived, we were leaving Texas. It had been a big beautiful journey full of mighty skies, friendly people, colorful experiences, and the biggest, ever, gas stations. Even despite all that and the 75 mph speed limit, it didn’t seem like we could get out fast enough.

We arrived in New Mexico in the early afternoon. Just across the southern border, we followed the Guadelupe Mountain range up into Whites City, NM where the famous Carlsbad Caverns rest hundreds of feet below the ground. We had just enough time to tour a strange grocery store/arcade/retail/museum in town before we needed to find a place to park the van for the night. The Wikipedia page claimed that there were 7 people living in Whites City and it had appeared that those 7 people were quite busy with the strange tourist store, hotel, restaurant, gas station (no diesel), and RV park. The town stood at the entrance of the road up to Carlsbad Caverns and thrived and survived soley on the fact that thousands of people each year scuffled through that cooridor desperately in need of an engraved pocket knife or commemorative shot glass.

We asked the young man behind the counter the location of the best campground. He guided us in a direction and we headed that way. One hour later we were lost as hell and cussing that young man through our gritted teeth. We eventually located a BLM spot off the highway and settled in for the night. The moon was brilliant that night.

Early the next morning we drove thru the rocky, steep Walnut Canyon to Carlsbad Caverns.  Instead of taking the elevator down to the caves, we chose to take the natural entrance and walked for over an hour through gigantic rooms until finally reaching “the big room.” The trail wound its way though statuesque rock formations, crystal clear ponds of filtered water, deep dark cooridors, and underneath massive hanging rock chandeliers. It was a memorable sight to see.

After the Caverns we continued our journey north to White Sands National Monument.


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