This is us. Nothing special, not feature photo worthy but we are pulling our most bad ass bitch faces, loving it, and trying not to laugh.

My name is Liz and I am wearing the “Trample the Patriarchy” shirt and Ian, holding the shovel over his shoulder is my trusty side-kick. Together, we kick an above average amount of ass but mostly we just hang out and laugh a lot.

That empty beauty of a rig behind us is our Sprinter van and honestly, the star of the show. With the help of YouTube and our friends, we built the van into a tiny home from the frame up within a matter of months. Our little home on wheels has everything we need, a full sized bed, stove, sink, fridge, counter top, storage, bikes, electricity, toilet, tools, and more. Now with the engine ticking and the wheels a-turning we have hit the road!

So far, we have toured several National Parks, drank lots of beers, met great people, and spent lots of time wondering, “where will we sleep,” it has been… well… fucking awesome. I cannot wait to share our experiences with you all. We hope that this blog can be a place for our friends and family to enjoy the journey with us.

Love you all!